Institute of Combustion Technology for Aerospace Engineering

Hier finden Sie eine Liste der am IVLR veröffentlichten Publikationen.

IVLR Publications

  1. Kang, Y., & Hampp, F. (2023). Quantification of Spray Experiments via Machine Learning. In Statusseminar SimTech.
  2. Kang, Y., & Hampp, F. (2023, September). Experimental Characterisation of Pressure Swirl and Airblast Sprays in Multiscale Turbulence. 32nd ILASS Europe Conference.
  3. Jose, B., & Hampp, F. (2023). DNN model development for experimental characterisation of multi-phase flows. In Statusseminar SimTech.
  4. Jose, B., & Hampp, F. (2023, September). Machine learning based spray process quantification. 32nd ILASS Europe Conference.
  5. Jose, B., & Hampp, F. (2023, Oktober). Training computer vision models without labelled data using physics informed domain randomisation. Int. Conf. on Data-Integrated Simulation Science.
  6. Hampp, F., Schäfer, D., & Lammel, O. (2023, September). Liquid fuel combustion for compact GT combustors. 31st Deutscher Flammentag.
  7. Jose, B., Geigle, K. P., & Hampp, F. (2022). Supervised learning without labelling: Applied domain randomization on scientific images. In 8th WAW Workshop Machine Learning.
  8. Hampp, F. (2022). Experimental data-driven flow simulations. In Statusseminar SimTech.
  9. Hampp, F. (2022). Machine Learning-based Data Analysis for Optical Diagnostics. In LACSEA.
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